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Discovering the Miracle Within: A Journey to Renewal on Resurrection Sunday

Have you ever waited expectantly for a miracle? Have you ever peered into the eyes of a dream lost, one so close to your heart and dear to your spirit that living without it felt like losing the blood in your veins? Have you looked into the eyes of one you loved, and one who also loved you, knowing it would be your last gaze? Do you recall the emotion that enveloped you? Did you fear that everything you dreamed of, prayed for, and hoped for was lost?

In a millisecond, your world changed, and even if unseen or unfelt by others, your spirit and heart bore the weight. This feeling shook your core and consumed you with a ferocity akin to a lioness claiming her prey. The anguish penetrated deep, lingering and echoing like a seismic rift.

Yet, there came a moment when your heart stirred anew. Your eyes opened, but the sense of life seemed elusive.

Despite our intentions, thoughts, or beliefs, it's our choices that pivot our lives and transform our realms. These decisions reignite our essence, aligning us with our destined path. On Resurrection Sunday, we're reminded to shed our blinders, recognizing the rebirth and reopening of possibilities, like a fresh breath revitalizing our being.

Though numbness may pervade, I extend a message of vibrancy and hope. With conviction, I affirm that feeling alive is a deliberate choice granted at birth, an opportunity to embrace life fully despite adversities.

Feeling alive transcends mere reaction to life's challenges; it represents a conscious selection of joy, even in the face of adversity, and a recognition of dreams yet to be fulfilled.

Resurrection Sunday symbolizes more than historical revival; it signifies the promise of a future imbued with vitality, truth, and the miracles we've overlooked.

I ask again, have you ever awaited a miracle eagerly? What risks have you taken to witness its dawn? Over time, we may lose the faith of our youth, the vision that beholds wonders, the audacity to dream, and the resilience that flourishes in adversity. Yet, this faith, unyielding and expansive, beckons us to reach beyond the conceivable.

This Resurrection Sunday, embrace the courage to believe in the extraordinary and to envisage the impossible. Your very existence is a testament to the miraculous, a call to rediscover the purpose woven into your being from inception.

Envision the fusion of life's beginnings, the miraculous journey from conception to birth, and realize the potential for marvels ingrained in your essence since creation.

Open your eyes, attune your ears, and prepare your heart.

Your miracle awaits, within arm's reach.

Be Blessed!

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