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Our Purpose

We cultivate wellbeing by embodying Strength through Love

Faith Works Counseling is a company of Faith Works Industries which was built through life struggles that gave us new meaning and purpose. We believe that change and newness is at reach to everyone who seek to grow.


We never claim that the road of change is easy, but we ground ourselves in the knowledge that growth comes at a cost; because life is not easy, but the reward of growth is much greater.

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Seeking help to bring yourself through the next season of life can be challenging. We offer support to each client by providing individual, couples and family therapy that allows us to challenge our current state of being and to make the decision to seek the same or to seek the change.

For our clientele, everything we do changes something or someone around us. We are not our own island and we are nothing without a strong support system around us. Due to this, we are an agency the grounds ourselves in systemic therapy and seeks to build social connections and supports for everyone we work with. We want you to know that your are never alone! You will be strengthened by the love and support of those around you even when you do not like the message you are receiving.

For psychotherapist, the most important part of your life and profession is who you are as an individual, clinician and member of your community. We believe that you must first care for yourself before you can take the leap to care for others. We want you to be your best you, and to know who you are as a person and also as a professional. Our agency focuses on self-care and engaging in the activities that enrich you. We believe you should never lose yourself; because a loss of self, is a loss of life. Be encouraged in who you are through self-care, self-development and collaboration with professionals around you. We want to give you autonomy through flexibility so that you, can be you!

At Faith Works Counseling we cultivate wellbeing by inspiring those around us to empower one another by embodying Strength through Love. We treat all with love no matter race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or religious affiliation because we know and understand that we are stronger together.

Thank you for allowing us to be a small part of your journey!

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