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Why Choose a Private Pay Clinician?

There are a couple of benefits for choosing a private pay clinician (also known as paying out-of-pocket) whether you have personal insurance or not. The predominate benefit for choosing a private pay clinician is to protect your privacy. When insurances are utilized for your mental health treatment, your session notes become a part of your medical record which allows the insurance company to request and review your intake information and session notes as they see appropriate. In addition, when utilizing insurances, clinicians are required to assign a diagnosis which also becomes a part of your medical record and will follow you throughout your life. 

​Here at Faith Works Counseling LLC, we do not label our clients with a diagnosis, unless a diagnosis is needed for insurance purposes. We do not believe that diagnoses serve a therapeutic purpose. We at Faith Works Counseling work towards wholeness, and have found that many times, diagnosis impedes our search for wholeness.

Our current self-pay rate is $100.00

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