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Navigating the Battlefield Within: Transforming Hearts and Minds for a Purposeful Life

The biggest battlefield that anyone of us will ever face is the battlefield that is our own hearts and our own minds. These battlefields we face have the power to give life to every dry bone, however, they also have the power to destroy. Many of us allow these battles to tell us that we are not good enough, not strong enough, not worthy, and will never reach our destines. As these anxious thoughts take ahold of us, it shapes the attitude of our hearts; causing us to allow our hearts to change its rhythm and react based on our belief in ourselves.

What would it look like for us not only to take our destines but shape them based on who we were created to be. No matter what you may believe now, and no matter your belief system, you are able to take your thoughts captive. For those who have biblical beliefs, this is a principle founded in the bible; for those who do not, this is called in the therapeutic world, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). As a systemic therapist, we do not always look to CBT because it is not a systemic model, however, without connecting our actions and behaviors to the mind and heart, we miss out on the greatness that can be created through us. Reminding us, that we do not need to be guided by our heart because in some cases and situations we need to tell our minds to guide our hearts, casting aside every negative belief about ourselves. Not forgetting the belief, but shifting and changing it, by connecting a new thought with the way we believe and intentionally walking in that belief and allowing it to take form.

There is no cell in your body that is not good enough, strong enough, worthy enough; nor is there a cell in your body that will not reach its destiny. Everything that is happening in my life, good and bad, were meant for my good; allowing me to find meaning in my hurt. Understanding that the struggles you face are not just for you. Your struggle is seen by others and your reactions and beliefs about those struggles are tied to your own destiny, that of your children, your family, your friends, and everyone around you.

So, when your struggle and overcome your negative beliefs, the victory is for you to see light in a dark place. When you continue to struggle and you continue to overcome, that struggle is to be seen by your house, your family, and your community as a message of love, reminding all of us that WE can and will overcome!

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