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Laykenn K., LADAC

Open Arms Counseling, LLC
NM License # CSA0213971
Supervisor Samantha C.

Laykenn Kennedy Picture.jpeg

I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Human Services with a concentration in Child and Family Welfare. I am a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor. I have experience in co-occurring/ dual diagnoses, trauma informed care, crisis interventions, MST model, etc…

I really enjoy working within the CBT model. My goal when working with clients is to provide open arms and a safe place for each unique individual. A place where everyone feels they are being heard, can take a deep breath, and most importantly focus on them and have a sense of peace throughout each session. I strongly believe in “the past does not define us”, we all come from somewhere and experience different trials and tribulations throughout our life journey. 

I enjoy helping clients navigate through their journey and being able to find that inner strength, peace, love for self, hope, or whatever they feel they are searching for. I enjoy working with all age groups.

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